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The Western Stage (TWS) is a professionally managed, community-based theatre company and educational program that nurtures and develops our students’ and community’s passion for the creative process and desire for high-level artistic experiences. 

Led by its educational mission and believing that strong Arts experiences are important for building innovative, creative, and resilient communities, TWS offers a robust variety of programs designed for personal growth and skill development and that address the need for a safe space where students and theatre enthusiasts engage in Theatre production while working side-by-side with Theatre Professionals.

Through its annual production season, TWS endeavors to provide strong pathways and development for artists throughout the continuum of a career in Theatre and its related Performing Arts:

  • For Early-career artists:

we provide strong hands-on experiences mentored by resident staff and seasonal guest artists.


  • For Mid-career professionals:

we provide seasonal opportunities that they may not have been offered yet. 

  • For Late-career professionals:

we provide an avenue to nurture the next generation of artists while continuing to practice your art and craft.


Today and every day, we join our community of artists in standing against bigotry and racism through the work we do and the manner in which we do it. We dedicate ourselves to anti-racist practices in our work, and we recommit ourselves to uplift BIPOC voices because we believe we can do better – we will be better.

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