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Thank you for helping The Western Stage continue to thrive!

Donate Online

You can now DONATE ONLINE right here on our website.  It’s quick, easy, secure, and the fastest way to help right now.

By Check

To make a gift by check, please make your check payable to: The Western Stage HCF 411 Central Ave., Salinas, CA 93901

By Cash or Credit Card

To make a cash or credit card gift, please call the Foundation at 755-6810 and they will take your Visa, MasterCard or Discover information.

Via a Matching Gift

The value of your gift may be increased if your employer participates in the Matching Gift program. To see if your gift qualifies for a match, please contact your employer’s human resources office.

Real Estate or Personal Property

There may be tax advantages in real estate or personal property gifts. The Hartnell College Foundation receives these gifts for the Western Stage.

Life Insurance

The Hartnell College Foundation accepts gifts of life insurance for the Western Stage.

Securities or Stocks

A gift of appreciated securities can provide Western Stage donors with benefits, including the avoidance of capital gains assessments and the preservation of cash assets. The Hartnell College Foundation accepts gifts of securities and stock for the Western Stage.

Planned Giving

Plan to make history, plan to change lives through live theatre. With wise and thoughtful planning, we all have the power to make history. To make a gift or to ask questions regarding planned giving please call the foundation at (831) 755-6810.

Gift Annuities

The Western Stage through the Hartnell College Foundation participates in a statewide gift annuity program. A gift annuity is a contract in which you exchange a gift of cash or securities for a fixed income each year for the rest of your life (or for the lives of two people). Gift annuities can offer income for life, a tax deduction, a tax-free payout, and capital gains tax savings, as well as the opportunity to assist the charitable cause of your choice.

The Western Stage Endowment

The best way to provide for the future of the Western Stage is to create an endowment that provides support in perpetuity. Please contact the foundation at (831) 755-6810 for information about the policies and procedures for creating endowments.

Named Endowment Funds

An endowment fund is a perpetual fund, established and named by the donor for the Western Stage. The minimum needed to establish an endowed fund is $10,000. You may establish criteria for the fund’s disbursement at the time your fund is established – subject to the Hartnell College Foundation’s approval. You may also name the fund. Many donors choose to endow a key position at The Western Stage to honor a loved one, an inspirational member of the Western Stage, or to commemorate an important event in their life. Funds are held in perpetuity and only allocated earnings are distributed. Funds will be available one year after the fund is established. Endowment funds are invested in accordance with the policies approved by Hartnell Community College.

Accumulating Fund

An accumulating fund allows three years to reach the endowment level. The fund remains in a restricted account until the endowment level is reached. No interest is received until the minimum level of $10,000 is reached.

Named Annual Fund

An annual fund is one in which you contribute a fixed amount each year. You may name this fund and establish criteria for the fund. This type of fund does not accrue interest. A minimum gift of $1,000 is needed to establish this type of fund.

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