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Educational Internships at The Western Stage are an entryway into the many careers in Performing Arts. The only question is - which direction do you want to go?


Directing, design, casting, tech, stage management, youth theater…

An internship is the perfect way to discover the answer for yourself.

Whether you are a college student looking to enter the workforce while completing your academic program, or someone looking to make a career change, internships at The Western Stage provide practical, hands-on experience with the benefit of mentorship by our resident staff and guest artists.


Intern stipends are awarded on an individual basis and assignments are given based on previous experiences and your expressed interests. Interns work side by side with our resident staff and guest artists and are an integral part of our team. 


We hope that your time as an intern at The Western Stage will give you the training and experience that will take you to the next level in your artistic career.


For questions about internships or to submit an application, contact the Artistic Program Director.

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