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Opportunities for adults at The Western Stage


Welcoming all skill levels, SPRINGfest gives newcomers and those without previous opportunities, a place to grow and improve in different areas of theatre.


Audition for our repertory productions, where students and professionals join to produce plays and musicals, and bring storytelling to our loyal audiences.


The 2X4 BASH is The Western Stage’s darker, edgier, and more provocative summer theater intensive for artists ages 18-29. The program allows the next generation of theatre artists to collaborate, innovate, and educate through provocative contemporary works. 


Theatre Arts and Cinema at Hartnell College encourages participation by students of all ages and abilities. Courses include traditional classroom experiences as well as dynamic and hands-on production environments.


Legacy Players

A group of twelve veteran senior actors from Monterey County with over five centuries of theater experience who offer unique performances that illuminate and enrich the lives of our community, The Legacy Players welcome senior adults who have always wanted to try their hand at theater, but who have not had the opportunity in their busy lives to investigate the challenges and joys of live theater. For more information, contact the Artistic Program Director.

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