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Quilters (2019)


Live theatre is a transformative experience, be it from the perspective of artist or audience member.  Therefore, The Western Stage SpringFEST at Hartnell College ensures that every member of our community has a way into this experience, no matter what age, experience or culture.

SpringFEST is an annual series of performance projects and workshops, offered February through May.

  • -Bringing newcomers to TWS programs

  • -Introduce and/or sharpen the skills that developing actors require in TWS season plays and musicals

  • -Assist local playwrights, directors, and actors who are creating original works or individual performances.

SpringFEST bridges our work between our educational and production opportunities. It is where student-based performances take on a more prominent role in our season so that our audience and participants experience a wide array of projects that run the gamut from proposals of brand new ideas to first workshop readings of new works to staged renditions of developing material to a semi-produced show.

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