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Acting Company FAQ

What is the rehearsal schedule and rehearsal process? The general rehearsal schedule for all shows is Tuesdays-Fridays 6-10 p.m., Saturdays & Sundays 12-4 p.m. and/or 6-10 p.m. Weekly rehearsals calls are distributed every Sunday. Depending on the objectives of each rehearsal, you may be called for a portion of the session or for the full rehearsal session. We expect actors to be ready when rehearsal starts (your call time), arriving early enough to sign in and do the preparation required for the rehearsal. If you are late, you must notify the stage manager. Actors with pre-approved conflicts are responsible for getting blocking notes and learning the material they missed before the next rehearsal. No conflicts are accepted during tech week nor the week prior to tech week. All conflicts must be approved by Casting. Conflicts presented after casting may or may not be accepted. 

Why do I need to attend so many rehearsals? We are a teaching company and our rehearsal process prepares entry-level artists for the rigour of a repertory show. We believe each cast member is integral to the success of all and your presence is vital to not only the process of rehearsal, but to your castmates success in the rehearsal process.

Do I have to enroll? Yes, all participants must enroll in Hartnell College. Student hours garnered through enrollment is our primary source of funding. This funding offsets the expense of our productions and programs. TWS pays enrollment fees and can assist with enrolling. Actors who are not enrolled by the first rehearsal are declining their role.

Do I have to pay to be in a show? TWS asks for a $45 contribution for each show. TWS pays Hartnell enrollment fees ($200-350 per person/per show) and provides each actor with everything they need for their role in the production: costumes (including shoes and undergarments), props, wigs, rehearsal shoes, etc. Your contribution helps offset these expenses. If this fee causes hardship, please let us know.

What is Tech Week? TECHnical rehearsals are the time to incorporate sound, lighting, costumes, props, scene changes and other elements. These rehearsals begin a week before the show opens and require your utmost patience and focus. While actors have four or five weeks of rehearsals, our technical artists have one one week to learn your show and to perfect their work in support of your efforts.

What is Strike? To “strike’ is to take down or remove. We require all actors to participate in the strike of their production (restocking costumes, removing and storing set pieces, cleaning dressing rooms, script erasing), supporting the technical staff in preparing our stages for the next production. Strike may fall on a closing performance day, or the following day.

Can I get paid to be in a show? Everyone is welcome to apply for a student stipend scholarship. A stipend is compensation for travel and/or experience and is distributed when a show closes. Application does not guarantee that a scholarship will be awarded.

Do you hire Equity Actors?The Western Stage does hire Equity actors for certain lead roles under the Guest Artist Agreement, Tier II.

Do you participate in the Actor's Equity EMC program? No, TWS does not participate in the EMC program.

Does TWS provide housing? At this time, we do not provide actors with housing. 

Can I get discount tickets? Company members who have completed all paperwork and enrollment are given the privilege of 10 Company rate half-price tickets for each title in the season you are participating.

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