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Passerelles FAQ

How old do you have to be to volunteer as a Passerelle?

Eighteen is the minimum age.

What kind of commitment am I making to be a Passerelles?

A minimum of 40 hours for the season.

How do I get started?

Fill out the information form at the bottom of the page and Berniz House will be in contact with you.

What is the selection process?

After applications are submitted, candidates will be interviewed to determine skill and schedule compatibility.

If I cannot walk upstairs or carry heavy objects, can I still volunteer?

Yes, there are many services a Passerelle member participates in. There will be a fit for you!

What benefits are there to volunteering?

Besides being a vital part of The Western Stage family and among our most visible representatives, Passerelles have the ability to acquire full Company Member status, which includes ability to attend Company Previews, purchase of Company rate tickets, theatre education getaways, and being a part of TWS theater community/family!

Do I need to repeat training for a new season?

An abbreviated refresher course with current season information will be required. We also hope that veteran Passerelles will help lead the orientations and training for new members each season!

Whom do I contact?

Berniz House (

What kinds of things do Passerelle members do?

Lead backstage tours; Serve as performance Concierges (information station, patron contact during intermission); Assist with the Annual Gala; and Attend & work opening and closing nights (currently 6 titles per season).

Are there volunteer opportunities for groups?

Of course! We would love to have the opportunity to talk to your group about volunteering for our Hospitality Teams for a weekend or even for a single show.

Are there evening and weekend volunteer opportunities?

Yes, most of our performance volunteer opportunities take place on the weekends. Volunteers in our technical areas usually have daytime hours.


What is the dress code?

Passerelles: White dress shirt and black bottoms with black shoes. Passerelle members will be issued special logo identifiers at each event they work.

Hospitality Teams: Black clothing and shoes


Do I need any previous experience?

Public Speaking or experience leading/teaching groups highly desirable. In addition, there will be a training period for all Passerelle members.

Once I submit the volunteer form, do I automatically become a Passerelle?

No, there is an interview process to determine the best candidates and to ensure availability is compatible with scheduled events.


How much time do I need to volunteer in order to be a part of Passerelle?

There will be a required training process (10 hours) and an additional 30 plus hours of participation in community engagement events.


Can I still be a Passerelle if I cannot attend training?

You can volunteer in other departments, but to be a Passerelle, you must complete the required training.


Can I volunteer in multiple departments?

Of course! We encourage it!


What is a Behind-the-Scenes theater tour?

This is an opportunity to show our community members the process of putting a production together.


Can I volunteer for backstage production crew?

We are always seeking volunteers who are interested in helping us backstage. Most of our crews are enrolled in our theatre course (most activities at Western Stage are linked to Hartnell Theatre courses) and TWS assumes responsibilities for enrollment fees.


I’m still in school, may I volunteer?

Yes! Passerelles have a minimum age requirement of 18, but there are many other opportunities for younger students at The Western Stage.


Passarelle Application Form
Do you have customer service experience?
What is your theater knowledge?
What are your leadership skills?
Do you have public spealling experience?

Thank you!

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